Chowan Tournament Results


23 Anglers descended on the Chowan River and its tributaries for our bi-annual weekend trailer tournament. The numbers speak for themselves – the anglers WACKED ’em!

170 fish brought to the scales totaling 404.18 lbs. That’s an average of 2.38 lbs per fish weighed in, with an average sack of 17.57 lbs over the 2 days.

Greg won day 1 with 16.96 lbs, and also won the weekend with 32.57 lbs

Blaine got 2nd on day one with 15.54 lbs and 2nd for the weekend with 31.19 lbs

Jimmy! snagged the big fish on day 1 – 6.77 lbs

Barry won day 2 with 17.04 lbs, and grabbed 3rd for the weekend with 26.50 lbs.

Greg grabbed 2nd on day 2 with 15.61 lbs, edging Blaine by .07 lbs.

Blaine grabbed 3rd on Sunday, but also beat Greg for big fish with this 6.82 lb hawg, besting Greg by only .11 lbs

Full results follow – next up is Kerr, Ivy Hill on May 7.

PlaceAngler(s)# FishWeight
1Greg Taylor1032.57
2Blaine Brogden1031.19
3Barry Trueheart1026.50
4Nate Arrington1025.96
5Billy Hackney1024.36
6Gene Lloyd1022.51
7Jimmy Taylor1021.92
8David Ford1021.58
9Linnie Oakley820.23
10Damon Clark719.19
11Chad Wheeley918.61
12Mike Beaumont816.90
13Ethan Goss1016.61
14Nolan Clark716.15
15Steve Thompson814.73
16Tyler Dunn614.50
17Zach Farley613.00
18Don Farley712.13
19Troy Jones411.64
20Grant Larose511.16
21Megan Farley27.00
22Colan Smoot35.74
23Tommy Jones00

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