Awards Banquet – 2022


Our year came to a close at Middleburg Steakhouse this past weekend. The Feast of Middleburg gives us all a chance to socialize without the worry of giving up fishing secrets. It also helps to have a few drinks and awesome steak – all compliments of the club.

37 of us thoroughly enjoyed the wine cellar at Middleburg. Anglers got to bring along their plus 1 for a wonderful date night.

They have been working on the place too. Not only have the augmented the illumination of the wine cellar, they also added a permanent stand-alone bar. We hardly had to wait in line for our drinks!

Don’t forget the lovely ladies who joined us for the evening. There they are, enjoying their wine, uninterrupted. But wait – who’s that? What’s up dude?!?!

After enjoying an amazing dinner, it was time for the annual awards. 1st up was big fish for the year. Don brought home a 9.29 on the Saturday of our Spring tourney around the Chowan.

David upgraded us from plaques to trophies this year, and boy do they look sharp. Owen couldn’t make the banquet to collect his award for big sack on the year – 20.67 lbs on Sunday in the Spring on the Chowan. Here is a nice closeup!

Last year Ricky talked about bringing back the honeymoon tournament, where we fish with our ladies to show them how much fun fishing is (and frustrating!). This year we finally got around to the tournament, and wouldn’t you know his lovely wife won it. Way to go Deb!

Then we head to the year long awards – who did the best across ALL tournaments. With our member base growing so much the last few years, we were able to add a 4th place award. Zack brings that home.

3rd place for the year goes to yet another of the young guns – Ethan. He fished hard all year earning some good cash and the 3rd place trophy.

One of the longest standing members in the club made a return to the podium after an extended hiatus. Barry claims 2nd place for the 2022 season.

Finishing atop the annual standings, going back-to-back, and winning his 3rd title in 4 years – Greg. His average finish for the year was about 4th place – very strong, especially given the long list of hammers now fishing in the club. Congrats Greg!

Last, but certainly not least, this year’s Most Dedicated Anglers. This is the guy that always shows up and always has a great time, regardless what the fish said. You’re glad he’s there, and miss him when he’s not. The 2022 Most Dedicated Angler award goes to Grant (left), presented by club prez George. Well earned and deserved!

That’s it for 2022. Next up – 2023, kicked off with our annual meeting January 7 at George’s Bar. Lunch at Noon – meeting starts around 1p.

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