Chowan Tournament Results


The crew once again gathered select family and friends to head “down” to Chowan to fish our Fall trailer tournament. 18 members made the trip, along with 7 guests, leaving us with 25 anglers on day 1 and still 23 on day 2. Despite tough Sunday conditions, that group managed to weigh in 102 fish for nearly 220 lbs over the 2 days.

Day one proved to be the easier day, with a handful of limits weighed in. The day’s winner was George, bringing over 17 lbs to the scale to win by 5 lbs. His sack included 3 over 4 lbs and the day’s big fish at 4.89 lbs.

Day two proved to be MUCH tougher with half the anglers zero-ing and none managing a limit. Despite that Linnie brought a 7.19 lb hog to the scales anchoring his win for the day with just over 13 lbs. That, combined with his Saturday bag, was enough to give him the win with just over 22 lbs. Hold them arms out there!

Next we head to Falls to start our closing stretch. Three tourneys in October followed by the 2 day finale on Kerr Lake in November. It’s a close race for the top spot. Stay tuned to see who is the year’s champion!

Full Results:

PlaceAngler(s)# FishWeight
1Linnie Oakley922.33
2Blaine Brogden920.22
3Greg Taylor717.29
4George Just517.21
5Gene Lloyd714.85
6Barry Trueheart614.46
7Owen Penhollow511.76
8Mike Beaumont59.88
9Troy Jones58.86
10Jimmy Taylor58.71
11Chad Wheeley58.44
12David Ford48.12
13Tommy Jones47.20
14Will Mckill36.78
15Nolan Clark36.20
16Ty Brogden26.12
17Brian Howard46.02
18John Michenfelder24.73
19Danny Maddox34.29
20Damon Clark24.08
21Ethan Goss23.65
22Grant Larose12.97
23Zack Farley20.00
24Megan Farley00
24Don Farley00

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