Falls Lake Tournament Results


Once again it looked like a perfect day to go fishing, and the end of day results proved that to be true. Only one issue – TRAFFIC. A trail with over 70 boats scheduled their tourney the same day as ours, but that wouldn’t hinder the start of our day. We blasted at 5:15a, just after “safe” light. The end of the day wound up sucking as predicted, with pure gridlock freezing ramp traffic so much it took us over an hour to get our boats out. In the end our 18 anglers brought 70 fish to the scales weighing over 156 lbs. Quite the haul.

Phillip continued his impressive rookie season nearly topping the 20 lb mark. His 19.94 lb sack, anchored by the day’s big fish of 6 lbs got him the victory.

Fishing with his Daddy, Jackson again finished in the top 3, this time with a limit weighing 17.20 lbs. Careful! Those fish are heavy!

Let’s try that again….

Rounding out the top 3 was Ethan with a limit weighing 14.66 lbs.

Next up we head to Gaston on the 26th. Then we take summer break!

PlaceAngler(s)# FishWeight
1Phillip Eakes519.94
2Jackson Eakes517.20
3Ethan Goss514.66
4Steve Thompson513.27
5Barry Trueheart511.45
6Nolan Clark511.28
7Owen Penhollow49.30
8Damon Clark59.15
9David Ford58.80
10Greg Taylor58.16
11Don Farley47.83
12Zack Farley57.77
13George Just35.95
14Ricky Clements45.49
15Troy Jones22.85
16Linnie Oakley22.34
17Justin Farley11.00
18Grant Larose00

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