Hibernia: The Next Generation


As a club Hibernia Bassmasters is poised for the future, even after 50 years of success. Despite a great combination of grizzled old vets and 30-somethings showing up for every tournament, we still must always look to the future.

Over the past few years Hibernia Bassmasters has seen its membership grow from barely 10 to now 23 active members. Add to that our 4 lifetime members and you can understand how we consistently are now bringing 20+ anglers to every tournament.

So what anglers are our next generation, and how are they representing us? Here is a microcosm of their success outside the club.

Nolan and Jackson competed in the Jr NCTBF state championship on Lake Jordan this past Sunday (April 3). Competing against a field of pre-high schoolers, they took home the victory with 14+ pounds. This qualifies them for the Jr TBF National Championship in July! Way to represent guys!

Owen, himself not yet 30, also showed what Hibernia is all about. He and his father fished the Anglers Choice trail on Kerr Lake. With 120 boats in the field, only the best of the best could shine. Owen’s 7+ lb HAWG was the big fish of the day, helping propel the father-son duo to 3rd place. Quite a day!

Hibernia Bassmasters is poised for another 50 years of success.

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