Kerr Lake Tournament Results


Can we get another cold front? Oh yes we can! Extreme weather forced us to postpone our tournament to Sunday, which subjected us to yet another cold front, this one quite extreme. 20 degree weather greeted the 23 anglers, and largely shutdown the fish. A few fared well, but most struggled.

Phillip shrugged off the cold, even with Jackson in the rear of the boat spending half the day in the fetal position. His impressive (for any day on Kerr) bag of 16.08 lbs was the clear winner.

The day’s only other limit belonged to Don. Anchored by the day’s big fish weighing 5.03 lbs, his 12.38 lb sack landed him comfortably in 2nd place.

3rd place on the day went to Tyler. Though he was a bit camera shy, his 3 fish for 7.32 lbs garnered him 3rd place honors.

As we once again topped 20 anglers we could pay a 4th spot. Stevie was glad to grab that cash, along with 3 fish for 7.09 lbs.

The next major cold front is scheduled to come through April 2nd, so we will drag our weary asses down there for a beating. Not just from the cold front either – Damon may assist mother nature with the beat down.


PlaceAngler(s)Big Fish# FishWeight
1Phillip Eakes4.46516.08
2Don Farley5.03512.38
3Tyler Dunn37.32
4Steve Thompson3.7537.09
5Ethan Goss46.98
6Damon Clark24.69
7Greg Taylor34.56
8Blaine Brogden13.88
9Gene Lloyd23.33
10Nate Arrington33.19
11David Ford22.82
12Adam Haithcock12.06
13Ricky Clements12.04
14George Just21.89
15Linnie Oakley11.61
16Jackson Eakes10.91
17Grant Larose00
17Elton Clements00
17Barry Trueheart00
17Zack Farley00
17Troy Jones00
17Justin Farley00
17Nolan Clark00

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