Lake Gaston Tournament Results


Hibernia Bassmasters is back! Not just for 2022, but we are BACK. 23 anglers showed up for the first event of the year, setting a modern day record. 17 members, 1 lifetime member, 2 prospective members (voted in after the tourney), 2 youth member-guests and 1 guest. An excellent turnout, especially so given the weather conditions.

Taking the win in the year’s inaugural tourney was Barry, catching one of the day’s 6 limits. His best 5 weighed 11.37. He may have had icewater in his veins!

2nd place goes to Ricky with a limit weighing 10.72. Alas Ricky wasn’t available to be photographed.

3rd place goes to new member Nate. He didn’t manage a limit, but his 3 for 9.05 got him paid.

Coming in 4th, in his 1st tourney ever, was youth member/guest Jackson. Not only did he out-fish his Dad on the front of the boat, his 3 fish bested 19 other anglers. With 23 people we paid the 4th spot for the first time.

Rounding out the field and catching one of the few largemouth on the day, guest Michael earns the big fish with this 5.08 lb big chungus.

Full results follow. Next up is Kerr on March 12.

PlaceAngler(s)Big Fish# FishWeight
1Barry Trueheart2.52511.37
2Ricky Clements510.72
3Nate Arrington3.7939.05
4Jackson Eakes38.77
5Phillip Eakes48.59
6Linnie Oakley58.06
7Owen Penhollow47.91
8Nolan Clark57.15
9Steve Thompson57.11
10Mike Beaumont57.05
11Michael Terry5.0826.62
12Damon Clark46.18
13Greg Taylor35.71
14Troy Jones25.30
15Tommy Jones3.1625.10
16Blaine Brogden23.52
17Will McKeel23.33
18Don Farley23.02
19Tyler Dunn2.8712.87
20George Just22.85
20Zack Farley22.85
22David Ford12.57
23Justin Farley11.39

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