Jordan Lake Tournament Results


Once again the fishing gods were stacked against us going toward another Winter / early Spring tournament. The weather had warmed up for a few days, but cooled down by tournament day. It set up to be a miserable day for fishing, along with a not so great temps for fisherman.

When we got to the scales there was little surprise who won. Though only able to catch 3, Damon’s haul on his “home” lake was good for the win. His 12.16 lb sack bested the rest.

While it’s not uncommon for many to come in with 0, Greg had managed to start the year with back-to-back goose eggs. Those on the heels of back-to-back club championships clearly had him hungry to bring fish to the scales. His near limit of 4 fish weighing 11.35 lbs was good enough for 2nd, and should kick start his 2021 season (finally).

And finally we move to the man who had “that one cast.” Despite a frustrating day of catching nothing, THIS one cast was good enough for big fish AND goes into the lead for big fish of the year. Here is Blaine with his 7.96 lb TOAD.

Next we move on to Kerr, where we look forward to active fish and limits for everyone!

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