Shearon Harris Tournament Results


Back on January 4th at the annual meeting we voted to fish Jordan Lake on February 9.  In retrospect that was not the greatest decision, as one can never tell what destruction mother nature might unleash in advance of any given Saturday (or Sunday).  In this case it was a double-mocha latte frappuccino, or something like that.  When your lake looks like this, you move or postpone….

We opted to move lakes since we were all ready to fish.  It looked like Shearon Harris was fine, despite the torrential downpours of the last couple of days.  We moved our tournament there, perhaps not anticipating that the dry, high pressure system would shut down the bite.  That’s pretty much what happened so….

We still managed to get 14 anglers to the ramp.  Unfortunately those 14 anglers only managed to bring 2 total fish to the scales.  There were about a dozen fish caught in the 16-20″ slot, but as you all know those have to go back at Harris.

The “winner” was Linnie with this 4.45 lb bass, good enough for big sack AND big fish all in one.

Greg pulled off another miracle, catching the only other weighable fish.  This 1.99 lb beast was good enough for 2nd place, and moved him into the lead in the annual standings.

Next up is Lake Michie on March 28th.  We are really hoping to see a whole bunch of double digit sacks that day.  It should be on….. unless Mother Nature decides to trash another Saturday on us.

“Full” results:

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