Membership Drive 2019 – Results


Hibernia Bassmasters held our 2nd annual Fall Brawl (aka membership drive) tournament on November 2nd at Falls Lake, out of the Ledge Rock ramp.  A total of 20 boats showed up to brave the chilly morning air and take their shot at the $1,000 guaranteed first place prize.

Our members arrived early to get started cooking the pig we would serve at the end of the day.  Huddling as close to the grill as possible was a popular location.

As the sun rose and safe light came to be, we headed down to the ramp to blast our 20 teams onto the lake.

Of course we should also take a moment to thank our sponsors, who generated the cash for the $1,000 guarantee.

The live leaderboard was ready to go at weigh in, so teams would know exactly where they stood, even as they walked away from the scales.  Unfortunately the pic is pretty lame, but in reality it just didn’t matter.  Only one thing mattered…..

Being a Matthews brother was all that mattered.  Their 8.5 lb largemouth was the 2nd largest caught on the day, bested only by THEIR 9.47 pounder.  WOW!  What a sack.  28.87 lbs beat the rest of the field by over 10 pounds.  Here they are!

2nd place went to the team of Fara & Lasher bringing 18.38 lbs to the scale with a nearly 8 lb kicker.  This bested their weight from last year (15.06) which was good enough to win…. last year.

Here are the complete results.  Thanks to all for joining us for this tournament.  We hope to see some of you in the club next year!

Boat #TeamFishWeightBig FishPayout
8Matthews & Matthews528.879.471500
3Fara & Lasher518.38300
2Williams & Latta516.767.88260
14Lower & Lower513.61200
6Choosakul & Penhollow511.645.29
16Pilcher & Tant511.54
9Stallings & Ellis510.72
15Beaumont & House38.55
17Johnson & Barefoot57.79
4Stewart & Dean12.42.4
1Fajardo & Hooks00
7Goss & Crosby00
13Cantwell & Henderson00
18McClenney & Corbishley00
19Watson & Benish00
20Schefer & Toney00

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