Year End Banquet


Certainly many of you are in a bass club, or have been in a bass club.  They offer a great opportunity to meet new folks, enjoy time on the water, and promote a great sport.  But they should be more than that, and Hibernia Bassmasters is… so much more.  Along with having some great fisherman, we also offer decades of proud tradition along with unparalleled camaraderie.  One such event that lends itself to the latter items is our Annual Awards Banquet, where anglers and their families can forget about the fish for a while (unless of course one cares to drink like one) and enjoy each other’s company off the water.

This year’s Banquet was held at Middleburg Steak House in Middleburg, NC.  This restaurant is a hidden gem in Vance county, offering great steaks and refreshing drinks, housed in a truly unique log cabin like structure.  We first met upstairs in the bar,

then moved downstairs to the wine cellar for our banquet.  Drinks were enjoyed by all throughout.

While enjoying cocktails is a great time to mingle with your fellow anlgers’ wives, right duuude.

After hors’d’ouvres and cocktails we sat down for dinner.

We even allowed some of the 2nd class members to enjoy the feast.

And in case you were wondering, for budding young prodigies (yes – the same guy that kicked all our butts on Gaston), the dinner of choice is popcorn shrimp and apple sauce.

After dinner it was time for awards, and you know how that draws out the celebrities.  We can’t show them all but here are the two biggest names.


and the Intimidator both showed, back from the grave for this spectacular event!

Here are your awards for 2018:

Biggest stringer – William Small – 18.50 lbs

Big Fish – David Ford – 6.80 lbs

3rd place – David Ford

2nd place – Greg Taylor

1st place – William Small

Most Dedicated Angler – George Just

And then we had a truly special moment for the club.  Founded in 1970, Hibernia Bassmasters has been around for nearly half a century.  The club’s founder and one of its early members have stayed members in good standing for several years, despite the fact that they can’t fish as much as they used to.  For them we created a new category – the Lifetime Member – to recognize their dedication to the club over the last 5 decades.  They are now members for life.

Robert Duncan and Wayne Stell

After the awards we made our way back up to the bar for some more drinks and some trash talking, and my how the trash talking flowed.

When asked if her husband could win again in 2019, Erin was like “what you mean you thinking about winning next year?  Nah-ah – my hubby will take the title again.”

A great time was had by all, and so good night.

And we hope to see YOU fishing with our club in 2019.  Good bye until next year!

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